Spring is nearly here

Amazing last few months with parties for all ages and occasions, to get us through the wet weather and long nights; lots of new friends and happy clients all planning for a fantastic summer: Andy x

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Long time no hear

Sorry for the delay in updating been really busy, working, looking for new contacts and meeting clients. I have met so many great people who love to be entertained and allowed me to make loads of new friends; busy December and then onto 2014, before that though more laughs, dancing and happy smiley faces Andy xxx

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Maxwell house

Providing parties for friends, this time Sharon house, always means I put more pressure on myself; i of course want to make sure they in particular are entertained! Add to that a couple of event organisers popping in to give me the once over and some already booked clients in the audience it could have been a challenge; but having some party animals including young adults to more mature guests who filled the dance floor and partied all night, so much so that I told them to have a drink, whilst I worked with the younger group or should I say one direction and the Saturdays who were amazing showing their dancing, singing and drinking skills all night; result dance floor packed, all guests very pleased, excellent feedback and me feeling on a high; Andy x

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Been a great business week

Shame people must have finished their family hols, but means this week has been very busy
For discos and events for 2013 and 2014

Lots of Christmas parties for some very hard working corporate customers, loads of weddings for excited clients, presentation and school and private kids parties will keep me busy and out of trouble;

More importantly i Will miss the time with my wife and kids after a fantastic summer and hoping to plan in more time for them as they are growing up too fast and I do not want to miss a thing xxx

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Wedding, christening, birthday and butlins

Great week or so meeting some fantastic people for some brilliant celebrations;
Archie’s christening, chris’s 65th and a week at butlin’s only appeared on stage twice so bus mans holiday for a great family break; loads of great contacts and potential for future Andy x

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So busy it’s good!!!

Well everyone 9 schools in two weeks, proms, discos, then wedding, 40th bd and my own kids bd party; keeps me active but I really love my job meeting so many great people and although I may lose a few and you cannot win them all and all I ever want is to entertain and do you know what I think I do Andy x

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Face at a party

Hi all, what fantastic weather for the beach or garden BBQ, not so good for interactive partying etc; but I have had a fantastic week/end of end of year school parties, working for face in a crowd at a store birthday and Phillipa’s 30th party; very very hot and even Phillipa a former red coat you know had to give up on the cheers music due to the heat; yesterday though I made it to the beach with my lovely family for Beth’s 11th bd, swimming, resting and all that jazz, could not believe how many clients I met, happy days xx

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Massive week

Another soaring week, not just the fantastic temperatures but the business
bat phone and email has been ; school discos, kids parties, teenager and horns; party over here party over there, disco infernal and gentleman are loving me at the mo lol ps did I say I performed with Scott mills and capital fm, must have forgot Andy x

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Kings, capital and mills

Every prom is special and unique, but Fridays kings prom was certainly X Factor;

With the teachers as usual up for a laugh and very interactive, it was a real pleasure to
Work alongside capital FM and mr Scott mills from radio 1 who introduced the teacher video and gangnam kings style. Here’s to next year Andy x

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Jury’s inn my good books

Another really busy week, meeting clients, djing at 2 schools, 2 kids parties and finally James and Jodie’s wedding reception at jury’s inn Southampton last night; I have to say as a DJ you rarely get treated as a guest with help with my equipment, refreshments and a large storage area to change and rest if required; massive thanks to Scott lampton the events manager at JI for his and his teams support and to the bride and groom for inviting me to entertain fantastic party animals and some very generous happy family andy x

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